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Pawn cars can be a good option to earn some extra money under certain conditions, especially to cover some debts that cannot be met in any other way. When pawning your vehicle it is important to find a company that offers you the maximum amount of money for it, as well as conditions that offer you security and confidence.

Pedscoche is a company that turns your car into a guarantee and guarantee to be able to offer you the desired money.

In this article we will analyze all its conditions, so you can contemplate the possibility of pawning your car when the time comes.

What is Pedscoche?

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Pedscoche is a company that would start in the market on April 25, 2001, so today they have more than 15 years of experience in the sector. They have their headquarters in Valencia but, due to how well the business has worked for them, they would soon be extended throughout Spain.

When they closed that first year, the company specialized in offering fast money pawning your car would have 323 customers (a figure not negligible for only 8 months of activity). Today it is estimated that they have more than 43,000 customers through their 35 offices that extend in the main cities of Spain.

Pedscoche allows us to obtain liquidity through a loan in which we will put our car as collateral, with the main advantage that we will not have to mortgage our property.

Pedscoche operation

If you need urgent money and you have a car, do not hesitate, it can help you solve your economic problems. The first thing that the company will be in charge of is to evaluate the car you want to pawn; If all goes well, you should have the money in the account in a time interval of a maximum of 24 hours.

It will be then when the user can choose the option to continue using it in exchange for paying a rental fee ; This was very practical so as not to borrow more. We are going to assume that we have to pay a debt with the bank and that we only have the car to pawn… but that at the same time we need it to go to work and keep earning money. Pedscoche gives us the possibility to rent our own vehicle.

However, it may be the case that the company values ​​the car with a very expensive type of rental; In the event that it goes out of your possibilities nothing happens, since the entity will offer you other much cheaper rentals that will adapt better to your budget, at least while you regularize your situation.

Once you have returned the money that Pedscoche has given you, you can take care of removing your vehicle and continue using it as you have always done, without any hidden condition or clause.

What requirements must be met to pawn your car in Pedscoche?

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The requirements that must be met are detailed below:

  • Antiquity: The age of the vehicle can not be in any case greater than 7 years (in the case that we are talking about a car that falls within what is considered as low range, or middle range). If we are talking about a high-end vehicle, it is established that the maximum period of seniority may not exceed 10 years.
  • Documentation: In order to access the fast money for pawning our car, it will be imperative that the associated documentation be updated. In addition, you will also have to present all the documents that accredit you as the owner of the vehicle.
  • Circulation tax: You must also present the document that proves that the circulation tax has been paid, to indicate that, indeed, you can circulate with it.
  • Driving license : From Pedscoche they will ask for our driving license (of course, it must also be in force).
  • In addition , we will have to provide documentation proving that the vehicle has passed the ITV. You cannot find yourself in a “domain reservation” situation.

Commissions to face

In Pedscoche we will only have to face 2 fees or commissions; Best of all, we will only pay them if we use them.

Rental fee

The rental fee refers to an amount that will be paid in monthly amount, and that will give us the power to use the vehicle once we have pawned it.


They will also have to face the different expenses associated with the change of ownership, as well as the administrative costs of all the procedures to be done.

Advantages and disadvantages of mortgage your car with Pedscoche

Advantages and disadvantages of mortgage your car with Pedscoche


  • High pricing: Logically, if in the end we had to resort to pawning the car, what we are looking for is that they give us the maximum amount of money for the transaction. Among the opinions of Pedscoche of users who have already pawn a vehicle, we discover that the entity is considered the best rates in the market can offer us. And, although the value is indicative, we can deliver an important that will start from 50% of what the vehicle costs in the market.
  • Immediate money: It is one of the most practical and fastest ways to get fast money. And, once we have completed all the forms and delivered the papers that are going to be requested, in about 24 hours we can have the money deposited into the account. In the event that, for example, we have to deal with the payment of an invoice to avoid having our supply cut off, Pedscoche is one of the few entities that will be able to respond in time to avoid major problems.
  • Good customer service: Although we can always get in touch with those responsible for the company through the phone or with the form on their website, we also have the option of presenting ourselves in a physical office to solve all our doubts. If you need physical treatment to convince yourself, this entity can provide it.
  • Deadlines? Interests? Commissions ?: Another advantage of entrusting our vehicle to Pedscoche is that at all times we will know the exact period in which we must proceed with the return, in addition to that, generally, you will not have to pay interest or commissions very high. All you have to do is return the same amount of money you have been lent for pawning the vehicle.

That if, in the event that you do not meet the anticipated return conditions, you will have to pay somewhat high interest


  • Somewhat slow when verifying the documentation: Some users say that, although it is true that we will have immediate money once the data is verified and the application is approved, these checks may be somewhat slow.
  • Low amount for old cars: This disadvantage is common sense, but it should be taken into account before proceeding with the deal. You will have a loan that is related to the value of the car; In this way, if you have an old car, the amount that they will give you to pawn it or it can be very high. For example, if you have a car with an age of about 10 years, the maximum amount they can give you for it will not exceed $ 400.
  • Strict conditions: If you do not meet the conditions that will be imposed at the time of signing, you could lose your car.

You can see other companies that offer this service:

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  • Quick money selling your car or as a guarantee with Prestacar

Conclusion: Is it worth pawning the car with Pedscoche?

These companies will not function as pawn shops to have quick money , but rather act as if they were a concessionaire specializing in personal loans. Pedscoche can offer you an economic amount for your vehicle that could range between $ 500 and $ 15,000, which we will have to return according to certain conditions.

The company gives us the ability to apply several monthly installments for a period of time between 6 months … however, in the event that we have any problem to deal with the payment, as long as our history is unpolluted, we can ask extensions that reach up to 12 months.

The possibility of pawning the vehicle is more than correct, especially if we have run out of work and do not use it. Although it is a good way to get immediate money , if we need it, having to pay a rent for it can cause us to end up paying more debt than we had at the beginning, so we should be careful with it.