Mini-guide to instant payday loans – Triakel Is Inspiration

Many people find themselves more than once in their life with problems to cope with their payments or to carry out personal projects. Whether to pay bills at the end of the month or to face large-scale investments, the option of using financial institutions is a way to be valued. However, we can find more difficulties with this option if we do not have a payroll, since not having the same economic stability as an employee, the financial institution can put us more problems when granting financing. In this situation, we should not worry, since at present there are online loans without payroll and we can request them both in private equity entities and in conventional banks.

Types of online loans without payroll

Thanks to advances in technology, we can request these payday loans online- your money. Lately, private lenders, who usually risk more, have granted a greater number of loans online without a payroll. However, banks have also begun to grant this type of credit and for that reason, if we are looking for online loans without a payroll we must differentiate between the offer of private equity companies and banks.

Mini-credits online without payroll

Private lenders have made a dent in the loan sector. They offer lower amounts than those of banks that do not usually exceed € 1,000, with a fast grant term and high-interest rates. In addition, these companies will not require us to have a payroll and it will be enough for them to prove that they have a stable income, either through a pension, the profitability that we obtain from a rental property, an unemployment benefit or because we are freelancers with some financial stability.

Lender Maximum amount Cost of € 100 to 30 days I’m interested
That good! Up to € 900 € 15 Contract
Vivus Up to € 800 € 0 Contract
Twinero Up to € 600 € 35 Contract

Personal loans online without a salary

These types of online loans without payroll are the classic loans of a lifetime. Banks offer, both online and in their offices, personal loans to people who do not have a payroll, although their products have different conditions to those of private mini-credits. The amount they grant is greater, the concession term can vary between 48 hours and two weeks and we can access them without having a payroll, as long as we are self-employed or pensioners with a stable income.

Lender Maximum amount Interest I’m interested
Orange Loan ING Direct € 6,000 – € 40,000 From 7.18% APR Contract
Sabadell Expansion Loan € 3,000 – € 60,000 From 9.88% APR Contract

What requirements must we meet to apply for online loans without payroll?

In general, each lender has its own requirements but both private equity entities and banks agree on several conditions. In addition to requiring a regular, demonstrable and sufficient income to pay the credit, to access any online loan without a payroll we will also be asked to:

  • Be of legal age
  • Have a Spanish residence with DNI or NIE
  • Have a bank account in our name
  • One way of contact, be it a phone number or an email address